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Letter from Laura
November 2002

Catching Up

The treadmills at my health club are positioned in front of a plate glass window. From this vantage point, one has a clear view of the line at the McDonald's drive-up window, which is always four or five cars long, no matter the time of day. I like this view, not because it makes me fell holier than thou, but because it makes me feel supremely stupid. Life is short; I want a Big 'n' Tasty, even though I know I shouldn't. Catching up

Is there anything stranger, or less defensible, than running in place? Sure I have my rationalizations for why I do it. (I'm much too spacey to run outside, exercise is important, especially if one wants to keep eating peanut M&M;'s past the age of 40, etc.) Still, running on a treadmill, or climbing non-existent flights on a StairMaster, is a bad metaphor waiting to happen. And, just in case I'm ever tempted to feel smug as I slog through my 4-5 miles, neighborhood people passing by sometimes make fun of those of us on the treadmills. I especially like the 80-something-year-old, who mimes jogging in place, swinging his scarecrow thin arms and shuffling pigeon-toed. The guy on crutches has his moments, too.

Here's the thing I re-learn every time I run: It's hard to catch up, even with yourself. My goal is to run 4.5 miles in less than 45 minutes. But because I run the first mile very slowly - usually at a pace of 11:15 to 11:30 - it's hard to make up ground. Even if the second mile clocks in at 9 minutes, I'm still not averaging a 10-minute mile.

Then, suddenly, it gets easier, and I find I'm gaining time. I usually hit the four-mile mark by 38 minutes, which averages out to a respectable 9:30 average and means I've run three miles in under 27 minutes. Catching up

This is how life feels after a month of touring the United States and Germany. (Click here for an incomparable account of Bouchercon. Click here, here, here, here, here and here for a quick overview of my German itinerary.) After an initial panic, in which I felt I might never catch up, I find I'm slowly gaining control over my life again. Laundry is getting done. Revisions are progressing nicely. E-mails are being answered. Updates are being made to my web site. Passive voice is used deliberately here, for I have no idea how these things are happening. As far as I know, the only thing I'm doing this month is recovering from gum surgery.* (*Click on this link only if you have a strong stomach)

As I told my students the other day, I had good news and bad news: "The good news is that, with the distractions of touring past, nothing will keep me from bringing a laser-like intensity to your work and our class."Laura's signature

The bad news was the same.

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