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April 19 2010

Win an advance copy of I'D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE.

Here's all you have to do:
  1. Become a fan of Laura Lippman on Facebook or read her blog, The Memory Project.

  2. Add your comment to a thread at either site. The thread, to be posted April 19th, will be utterly silly and trivial and seemingly have very little to do with the book.

  3. The thread will be up for one week. Anyone who comments (except for trolls, and we know who you are) will automatically be entered into a random drawing for I'D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE.

The robot has a copy. Shouldn't you?

Book news for 2010

My fifteenth novel, I'D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE, will be published this summer and the paperback of LIFE SENTENCES is now available.

Life Sentences paperback

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